I'm Firing My Contractor

You finally had enough of your contractor and it's time to release him of his obligation to the contract. Your contractor isn't showing up on time and has been missing plenty of days that his crew should have been working.

How do you fire someone who you have a contract with? Is a contract a binding and lawful agreement, between two people and neither one of those people can break it? If that's what you think a contract is, you're probably right in big business, but most contractors that are working on your house, are not going to be what I would consider to be involved in big business.

Here's how it's done, tell your contractor that you want out of the contract and you will agree to pay them a certain amount of money, for services rendered. If your contractor agrees to this, you are no longer bound to this contract.

If your contractor refuses, this could create problems. Ask the contractor what they want and if it's more than you're willing to pay, you can take them to arbitration Court. The state of California has an arbitration service that deals with certain cases like these.

Most of the time, two reasonable people can reach an agreement, but there are going to be times, when this isn't going to happen. If your contractor will not let you out of the contract or will not agree with your terms, you might have to suffer through this agonizing pain, until the job is complete.

There are plenty of ways, to fire a contractor or to motivate them to complete the job on schedule, but I'm not allowed to write them down on a piece of paper.

I hope that you never run into a situation like this, but if you do, try to keep one thing in mind. When your job is complete, you will never have to see that person ever again.