Firewood Storage Safety Tips For Your House

Almost every one understands the problems that could arise from storing flammable fuels and liquids around your home or in your garage. Most people don't realize the problems that firewood storage creates if stored incorrectly on your property.

I recommend that you store your firewood if possible, at least 25 feet away from your home or any structure that you don't want anything to happen to. Make sure that you stack the firewood as tight as you possibly can, to eliminate possible problems with rodents, reptiles and other animals small enough to make a home inside of your stack of firewood.

If you store any firewood on the ground, and don't use it within a few years, you can plan on the bottom layer of firewood rotting or suffering from termite infestation. I don't recommend lying plastic down, because plastic will trap moisture and it would almost be the same as simply laying the firewood on top of your soil.

Remember that stacks of firewood can catch on fire and if you plan on stacking your firewood next to your house for easy access, you should do your best to keep these firewood stacks as small as possible and again, I don't recommend this. The same rules that apply to home fire safety can easily be applied to firewood storage. Never store flammable materials around your firewood and I don't recommend storing the firewood near vehicles either.

If you can keep one thing in mind, when thinking about where or how you're going to store your firewood, just remember that firewood can catch on fire and think accordingly.