Finding Good Contractors, Creates A Win-Win Situation

All the years I have spent in the remodeling business, home building business and all of the work that I have done that doesn't fall into either one of these categories, in the home repair business, has taught me a lot about people.

Creating a win-win situation isn't only beneficial to the contractor, but also needs to be beneficial to the client or homeowner. What do I mean by a win-win situation? This is a situation where the contractor makes a reasonable wage and profit on the job and the homeowner gets a good product at a reasonable price.

Both the contractor and the homeowner are happy and feel like they have been treated fairly, upon the job completion. Now the problem with this, is that most homeowners and contractors seem to disagree with either the product or the price. This is where the problem could easily get out of hand and turn into a win lose situation.

One of the biggest problems I have found with homeowners, is that they are looking for the cheapest person to do their home repairs or complete their remodeling projects. This usually creates a big problem for the contractor, who was simply trying to feed his family and make a living.

As a contractor, I have benefited financially from jobs that have went well and were completed on schedule. As a contractor I have also been penalized financially, if the job doesn't seem to go as scheduled or any problems develop while working on the project.

I'm not the kind of contractor, who charges their clients, for my mistakes or inability to bid the job correctly. At the same time, I don't want to hear the homeowner telling me how much money I'm making on the project.

A win-win deal for me, in the construction business, is when I can actually provide a valuable service for someone who is actually interested in paying me a reasonable wage.

Here's my advice to homeowners, it's easy to find the cheapest worker, who might lack experience, but seems to be a little more difficult to find a reasonably priced experienced contractor to work on your home. Sometimes you actually get what you pay for.

Here's my advice to contractors, stay away from homeowners, who are only interested in the lowest prices. You have a responsibility and obligation to your family and I know a lot of contractors, who don't have health insurance, because they need to compete with non licensed and inexperienced workers who call themselves professionals.