Filling Large Foundation Cracks - Listen To Experience

If you have a foundation crack that you can stick a nickel into, you have a structural foundation problem. I haven't found any fillers or epoxies that will bring it back to its original strength. These items can only be used to fill the cracks up.

I'm writing this article, because too many people believe what they read. Some people can actually read through the garbage that's written on some of these miracle foundation crack repair kits, but others can't and that's why I'm writing the article.

If you're reading the words limited lifetime warranty or something that is suggestive but not to the point, for example: “This Product Can Fill and Repair Your Cement Foundation.” They're not lying, but they're suggesting that this product will repair and most people associate the word repair with fixing, instead of filling.

Here's what the product should say, this product can fill your concrete crack but will not guarantee it to continue cracking, it will not strengthen your concrete foundation or bring it back to its original condition. This product will not help your building foundation if your soil is expansive or if it's getting undermined somehow.

Now that makes more sense, but they wouldn't sell very much of the product, now would they. There are plenty of products at your home improvement center that seem to provide a homeowner with a quick fix. These products give the home owner the illusion that their products replace a professional by showing a friendly contractor, somewhere on their product package.

I've been in the construction business for over 30 years and if you won't take my advice, contact a structural engineer. I'm sure that they can provide you with some more interesting data about repairing cracks in your foundation.