My Ex-Wife And Construction Problems

What does my ex-wife have to do with any construction problems? If you keep your eyes open in your mouth shut, you could learn an extremely valuable lesson about solving construction problems. I learned this one from observing my ex-wife after we were divorced.

Have you ever had someone scream and yell at you, blaming you for something that you did or didn't do in the construction business? These people often make you feel bad for something that you did or didn't do, to make themselves feel better.

This used to happen to me when I was younger. My construction supervisors would often treat me like I was a private in the military. Yelling and screaming at me and other construction workers while we were trying to work on the project. This often confused me, until I finalize my divorce with my ex-wife.

This is what she used to do to me. She would blame me for something that she did or didn't do. I would get confused and often feel guilty from the argument that we had just had. It didn't don on me until after we were divorced that these were some of the problems that I used to have in the construction business.

The more competent construction supervisors that I worked for, never yelled at anyone, but the supervisors who weren't educated enough, often blamed other workers for problems that they themselves created.

The next time that you're construction Superintendent or someone that you're working for, starts to yell at you, remember what you read in this article. They're probably not mad at you, they're probably mad at something that they did and want to blame it on someone else.