Electrical Wiring During Bathroom Remodeling

If you're going to do your own electrical wiring for your bathroom remodel, keep something in mind, water and electricity do not mix very well together. If you're planning on doing the remodeling without a building permit, and you're installing a Jacuzzi bathtub, I would suggest you hire a licensed electrician for the project.

While planning your bathroom remodel, it's wise to plan the electrical very carefully. Ask yourself these questions before you start the demolition and bath remodel.

Are there any empty electrical spaces to install a new breaker at the electrical panel, if needed?

Do I have adequate electrical wiring, already going to the bathroom?

Are all of the electrical fixtures UL rated, do they meet local building codes?

Do I need to hire a licensed electrician?

If there is an electrical outlet in the old bathroom, do I need to upgrade it or change it to a GFI approved outlet?

If you're remodeling a bathroom and the existing electrical isn't going to be changed, you're probably going to be okay. If any drywall is going to be removed and the electrical wiring will be exposed, be careful working around it. It's always a good idea to visually inspect the old electrical wiring for frayed or damaged wires. If you find any damaged wires, they should be repaired or replaced for safety.

Don't mess around with the electrical wiring during the bathroom remodel if you don't have any experience. You can always hire a licensed electrician who does.