Electric Dryer Gas Conversion Kit

Well there isn't anything yet that can convert an electric dryer into a gas dryer. I hope this clears up the lot of misinterpretation or communication problems between someone you might have met in a bar or at a baseball game. Here's something that happened to me one day.

I couldn't believe my ears as I was in my local home improvement center, looking for some plumbing parts, when all of a sudden a man and woman, dressed very pleasantly, in their late 50s ask the man working there a question that I had never heard before.

Do you sell a conversion kit for an electric dryer? I wasn't paying that much attention until the store representative said they don't make anything that will convert an electric dryer into a gas dryer. This caught my attention and now I was ease dropping on a conversation that would keep me laughing for years.

How did the store representative know that he wanted a conversion kit for an electric dryer to a gas dryer? The gentleman looking for the conversion kit only said do you sell a conversion kit for an electric dryer. I looked at the the three people as the woman said "Do you think a plumbing supply place carries the conversion kit?"

The man working at the store replied with, I already told you, there is no such thing as a electric dryer gas conversion kit. Nobody makes one, you won't be able to buy one anywhere. The couple looked at each other with discontent, as the woman said to her husband, let's go ask somebody else. This is when I interrupted and mentioned that, there was no such thing as an electric dryer to a gas conversion kit. I told them that I have never even heard anyone ever asked for one and was surprised when they ask.

This only infuriated the man and woman as they walked off hurriedly, now upset at both of us. I went back to gathering my parts for a room addition I was doing, when it dawned on me, I had never figured out how the man working at the home improvement center figured out, that the couple had wanted a gas conversion kit when it was never mentioned.

This guy had been working at this home improvement center or about three years and seemed like a pretty serious person and I always liked to joke around with people but he chose to ignore all my comments, over the years. I figured this guy was just doing his time, until he retired and had no interest in someone kidding around with him, anyway.

I had to ask him though, if he had ever been asked that question before. He said it happens about twice each week. I couldn't believe my ears when he said this, you mean to tell me that people come in and ask for a electric dryer to a gas dryer conversion kit that often. He replied with a simple yes they do.

As I was driving home that evening, all I could think about was someone telling these two people at a football game, all you have to do is go down to your local plumbing supply shop and purchase the electric dryer to gas conversion kit and it really didn't cost that much, and you can install it yourself, it comes in three different colors, with simple, easy to follow instructions.

Over the years I've had a lot of fun with the story and often imagined someone coming up to me one day and asking me the same question. How would I respond, or better yet how would you respond to someone looking for something like this? This will give you something to think about for a while. Have fun with it.