What's Wrong With Some Energy Efficient Light Bulbs?

Everyone is interested in saving a few dollars, it's just who we are and we can't seem to get away from it. We often work hard for our money and when a new product comes out, that guarantees we will save a certain amount of money, we are all over it.

What about energy-efficient light bulbs and are they really worth the money. I would imagine by now, almost everyone reading this article has bought an energy-efficient light bulb and is either happy with them or disappointed with them, but rarely are they doing in a satisfactory job of the old incandescent light bulbs.

Have you ever really checked to see how much money you were saving? After you installed these 100% energy-saving products that are about to revolutionize the lighting industry, did you ever take the time to check your utility bills to see if you were actually saving any money at all.

Besides the fact, that no one ever takes the time to see if these energy-saving products are actually saving you money, do they actually last longer or put out the same amount of light that a incandescent light bulb of their equivalent wattage does.

Here's what I think is wrong with these new energy-efficient light bulbs. They don't seem to put off as much light as an incandescent light bulb does of the same wattage. This means that I can't use them, inside my house, if I need a lot of light in a certain room.

However, I do use them on the outside of the house, where a light might need to stay on for long periods of time and not require, such a bright light bulb, but I have never looked at my utility bills. What's wrong with us?

I bought them a few years ago and now am back to using an incandescent light bulbs. Hopefully they will work out some of these problems, so that we can use them and save electricity, while effectively lighting our home in the future.