Drywall Texture Secrets From The Pros

Every once in awhile, I let one of my secrets out and if you're in the drywall or wall texturing business, this one can save you a lot of time and money. It's not going to create a large additional cost to the project, but the benefits can be extraordinary.

This drywall texture secret involves food coloring or concrete coloring additives. Simply mix a light color like yellow, green or orange into your drywall texture while you're mixing it. Don't get carried away with either one of these additives and try to use the same amount of coloring additive with every mixture to keep the color consistent.

If you use dark colors like black or purple, you could create problems for the painter. Only a slight variation is necessary to create a texture that will offset the color from the finished drywall. Most drywall textures are white so your texture only needs to be moderately different in color to notice any texture defects while you're finishing the walls and ceilings.

The different coloring that you added to the drywall texture will give you a good idea of what the texture will look like before it's painted. Try this once and you will never go back to using white texture ever again.

The benefits are unbelievable, you will see over 90% of any mistakes that you have made, instantly. Any mistakes mistakes you make can be corrected by mixing different colors in your next batch of texture. If you used yellow for your first texture and have a couple of defects, use orange in the next texture batch that you mix.

This drywall contractor's secret isn't widely known, but it works great. It can make an expert wall and ceiling texture out of any amateur.