The Dog That Kept Jumping Off The Roof - Room Addition Contractors

I was building a two-story room addition one time and the homeowners really didn't seem like they were interested in taking care of their dog. I would often clean up the dog poop in the backyard, to avoid stepping in it myself and found myself starting to give the dog water, because the homeowners weren't.

This dog wouldn't leave me alone and I needed to get my work done, so every day I would barricade an area with plywood, just so the dog wouldn't hurt himself. Whenever I was sawing or moving lumber, the dog seemed to be in my way. I didn't have a choice, I needed to keep the dog away from me while I was working.

About the time I finished the second floor, the dog would run up the stairs and jump off the floor. After watching him do this about five times, I had to tell the homeowners not to let him into the house, because he was jumping off the roof. They thought it was funny and it wasn't long, before they were showing their friends and neighbors, how talented their dog was.

I'm not the ultimate animal lover, but I expressed my concerns to the homeowner and told them that I didn't want to see the dog jump off of the roof again… If I was there working, the dog stayed in the backyard and wasn't going to be jumping off of the roof. They respected my feelings until the second floor roof framing was completed.

That's right, the dog got on to the second floor roof, while I was eating my lunch one day. I honestly thought the homeowners were just trying to get a reaction out of me. I told them that their dog was now on the second story roof, which they didn't think he could jump onto.

Luckily the dog wouldn't jump off of the two-story roof, but he still enjoyed jumping off of the single-story roof section. It was only about another two weeks, before I had lathed the house and the dog was no longer going to be jumping off of the roof.

If you're a room addition contractor and you're going to be working on a house where there are large dogs, it wouldn't be a bad idea to get a little information about them, from the homeowners. I probably spent about 20 hours picking up dog poop, barricading areas and re-barricading areas as this dog knocked them over. This could affect your estimate pricing.