Do I Really Need An Architect To Design My House?

One of the biggest questions that most do-it-yourselfers want to know, when it comes to building a house is whether they need an architect or not. Can't they simply draw out the plans for themselves and submit them to the city planning and building departments.

Most of the time, you don't need an architect. However, some states require all homes or at least certain sized buildings to be designed by a registered and licensed architect. You could probably call your local building department to get all the information you need to get started on your new home building project, including whether you need an architect or not.

You wouldn't be the first homeowner to draw your own plans and this can often be an exciting process. There are plenty of programs available on the Internet and some can even be found in your local stores around your community that sell house design software. I'm not going to recommend any of these products, but there are plenty of them out there that really get the creative mind thinking.

If you want to design your home and your community requires a licensed architect to draw your plans and you still wish to do it yourself, meet with a local architect and explain your situation to them. I'm sure that most architects would love you to provide them with a floor plan and exterior elevation of the home that you would like to have built.

It's simply a matter of asking the right questions to the right people. Contact your local building and planning departments and explain your situation to them. Most of the people who work for these departments are extremely helpful to homeowners. Homeowners like you are often the people that pay their wages.