Do I Need To Replace My Entire Roof?

If your roof is severely damaged, you're going to need to replace your entire roof. However, if your roof isn't very old, and you only have a few problems with it, these roofs can be easily repaired by an experienced roofer.

If your shingles are falling off of your roof, there's a good chance that you are going to need to make some repairs, but if you're missing a lot of shingles, and there are plenty of holes for water to leak through, you might be better off, replacing your entire roof.

I would like to point something out here, almost any roof, anywhere in the world, can be repaired. The problem is, how could you tell, that it would be better, and may be cheaper in the long run, to replace the entire roof, instead of repairing it.

It's simple, if you're a roof looks like it's badly damaged, worn out, missing a lot of shingles, leaking in more than three spots, there's a good chance that it is time to replace your entire roof. Again, any roof can be repaired, but some roofs shouldn't have to suffer anymore.

If you're planning on hiring a roofing contractor, simply call one up, and ask the roofing contractor to give you a price, on how much it would cost to replace the entire roof, versus actually repairing the roof.

Now don't get confused here, the roofing contractor can repair your roof, and I would imagine that it would be a lot cheaper sometimes, to replace the entire roof, but how long is he going to guarantee these roof repairs for.

If your contractor isn't willing to guarantee the roof repairs, there is probably a good reason for this. Your roof is beyond repair and he's just trying to put a Band-Aid on it. The roofer could repair your roof and these repairs might last for a few years, until your roof starts to leak again, only to find yourself throwing your money away, because now the roof is going to need to be replaced for sure.

The money that you wasted on repairing the roof, could have been spent more effectively, by replacing the entire roof they few years ago. I run into this problem all the time and I hope you give it some serious consideration, before making your final decision.

These aren't easy decisions for homeowners to make, but I would advise you to contact at least one roofing contractor, to help you evaluate your roof, before contacting a few more roofing contractors to get at least three estimates, for your new roof.