Disadvantages Of Home Water Filtration Systems

If there is anyone that can give you some advice on your home water system, it's probably me. I haven't been able to drink regular tap water, since I was 18 years old. I will get a sore throat, within a few days, and it will last between two and five days. This is extremely painful for me and I have to buy bottled water, and it cannot be filtered bottled water, it has to be spring water.

I have tried almost every type of home water filtration system that you could ever imagine. I've tried reverse osmosis, charcoal filters and regular filters. I have spent probably as much money buying bottled water as I have spent on these home water filtration systems that guarantee results.

I can't recommend any home water filtration system that actually works well for me. If you're simply looking for a water filter, that will filter out loose particles, like dirt and metal, you can easily purchase a simple water filter from your local home improvement center that will mount underneath your cabinet.

If you're looking for restaurant quality water filtration systems, you're going to need to spend some big bucks. Most of these cannot be found at your local home improvement centers and could be quite costly to install in your home.

Now what about a soft water system? These systems simply soften the water, by removing hard water deposits. These types of systems are not very efficient at filtering out small particles.

Before you purchase any home water filtration system, I would recommend that you do some research on the topic. Try to get other people's opinions who have these types of systems in their home already, or have already removed the ones that don't work efficiently. These people can be great sources for valuable information.