What Causes Cracks In Your Roof Framing?

There are a few different things that could cause cracks in your roof framing rafters and other structural components that are used while building your roof. Some of these cracks are actually in the lumber and no one ever did anything about them, while building the roof.

1. The biggest problem with cracks in your roof framing is going to be from excessive loads on top of the roof itself. The most common problem today is excessive amounts of snow that can create an enormous load to roof rafters that can't support it.

2. Another problem with roof framing cracks is a poorly designed roof. If the structural components of the roof framing system weren't designed by a licensed engineer, you could have more structural cracks than you ever imagined. Roof systems that weren't properly engineered can have more cracks in their roof rafters than you ever imagined.

3. What about those pesky little termites? If your roof system suffers from termite damage, there is a good chance that your structural roof components will also suffer from cracks as these termites work their way through weakening these roof framing components.

I would like to share a roof framing contractor secret with you that might be a thing of the past within a few years. Inspect all of the wood framing materials before using them. Check your roof rafters, hips, valleys, ridges and other structural framing components for large knots and pre-existing cracks to save yourself and future homeowners a lot of stress and home repair bills in the future.