Your Contractors Solution To A Poorly Marked Electrical Breaker Box

If your electrical breaker box isn't marked correctly, you could find yourself spending a lot of time, looking for certain breakers to shut off certain parts of your home electrical system. Now what about the time that a competent contractor will waste, if he has to individually turn off each electrical breaker until he finds the one that actually shuts off the area of the home that he will now be working on.

You can spend as much time as you want as the homeowner, messing around with these electrical breakers on the weekends or whenever you're working on your honey do list around the house. However a contractor doesn't have the time and will often resort to something that I call, solving the problem quickly. Here's an example of what I'm talking about.

Your local contractor, who is working on your house and he doesn't have any idea, which electrical breakers turn off what sections of the house. Most homeowners, aren't going to care whether or not their contractor is going to spend more time on their project, especially if it is a fixed-price contract. That will be the contractor's problem and he is alone.

However, I myself as a building contractor, have a solution for contractors, but something that often creates problems for homeowners. I simply turn the main electrical breaker off and it shuts the whole house down. Turning off all of your clocks, computers, televisions and anything else in the home, that will need to be reset later. This can irritate some homeowners, especially if your contractor is doing it on a daily basis, while he's working on your home.

You could always hire an electrician or a local handyman to mark your electrical breaker panel blocks correctly. Think of the amount of time and frustration that could be saved, if this electrical panel was marked properly.