Contractors Need To Be Nice To Homeowners

I have been dealing with both contractors in homeowners for many years now and one of the biggest problems I have with each one of them, is their ability to be cruel and mean. Once they become irritated, they can often say cruel things that they might not mean and might not ever be able to take back.

So here's my advice to any contractor working with homeowners. Make sure that you're nice to them and they will generally be nice to you. I know, there are plenty of homeowners that you can be nice to and the nicer that you are to them, the worse they will treat you.

You will run into these people every once in a while, but try to do the best that you can, to deal with them in a positive way. I have personally found that most of these people suffer from low self-esteem and if you can show them a little kindness, they will often become putty in your hands.

I have worked for quite a few homeowners that wanted to treat me poorly. I try to avoid these people, and seriously size them up, while I'm estimating the job. I can't tell you how many people I have refused to work for and it has upset them emotionally. Some of these people were extremely rude to me, yet wanted me to bid their job, anyway.

There's an old saying, that one of the contractors I used to work for shoved into my mind, he would often tell me,” We can attract a lot more bees with honey than we can with shit.” I didn't get it at first, but I'm sharing this with you for a reason, today.

A little but a kindness goes a long way and even if some of your most difficult clients, are treated fairly and compassionately, they will refer you to their friends and sometimes even their enemies.