Contractor Testimonials Are A Joke

If you were to visit my website, you would find testimonials from clients that I have worked for in the past. This is just another way of selling yourself to the public and you will rarely find a contractor who doesn't have testimonials on his website or with them at all times.

I just went out to look at a bathroom remodel the other day and the woman asked me for testimonials and contact information from previous clients so that she could check up on me and make sure that I was an excellent contractor. I was recommended to her by a friend, but she still wanted more information and I really don't blame her, but what I'm about to tell you should open your eyes up a little bit further about contractor testimonials.

Think about this for a moment, if you were in business and a potential client, asks you to provide them with contact information, so that they could verify that you are a legitimate and honest person, are you going to give them the names and phone numbers of all the people who were dissatisfied with your services in the past.

Are you going to give them the contact information of the last job that you had, where the homeowner wasn't entirely happy and threaten to sue you? What makes you think that contractors or anyone else in business is going to give you the information for every one that they have worked for, good and bad?

That's why I think that contractor testimonials are a joke. If you need to be reassured that your contractor has the experience, is good at what he does, is an honest person or anything else, then go ahead and call the people on the testimonial list for reassurance.

I always have thought that contractor testimonials were a joke and I myself only provide testimonial information and will not give out phone numbers of my past clients to potential future clients.

I wonder how long it's going to be, before the public wises up and quit asking for testimonials. I know one contractor who always gives the same three testimonials to his potential clients and two of them are relatives.