The Contractor Forgot The Toilet

This might not happen that often, but when it does, it can be a remodeling nightmare for the contractor and the owners of the property. Get ready for a story that might just knock your socks off.

I only heard the story, and cannot verify it, but it goes something like this. A bathroom remodeling contractor was remodeling a bathroom in a home that had six bathrooms. There were only two people living in the house, and the bathroom that they were remodeling was rarely used.

The bathroom floor needed to be jack hammered, so that the plumbing could be relocated and that's where the problem began. The plumber forgot to install the toilet plumbing and when the building inspector came out to the house, he couldn't find the bathroom that they were working on, because the house was too big.

He left a note for the contractor that somehow, fell off of the clipboard and the next day when the contractor’s workers showed up on the job, they assumed that the building inspector had approved everything. That's when they poured the concrete and the rest of the problem just seemed to escalate from there.

Believe it or not, the bathroom was completely finished and the contractor was paid in full for the work they had finished. The contractor asked the homeowners if they could call the building department and get final inspection so that he wouldn't have to waste his time dealing with the building inspector.

When the homeowners called the building department, this is when they received the bad news. The building inspector had never signed off the rough plumbing and they should have never finished the bathroom.

Since this bathroom was rarely used and the homeowners rarely had time to walk around their home, the building inspector informed them that they were missing their toilet pipes and that he left a note on the clipboard, the day of the last inspection.

It cost the general contractor a few thousand dollars to make everything right and the moral to this story is don't forget to hook the toilet pipes up or you could find yourself up to your knees in do do.

Reading this article, you probably think stuff like this doesn't happen, but the reality is that it happens more than you think. I will continue writing articles with more stories like these so stay tuned and keep reading.