Construction Shortcuts Create Big Problems

I've seen plumbers poorly fastened pipes together, only to create water leaks that damage large sections of homes. I've seen electricians create fire hazards by splicing electrical wires in concealed areas and I've seen roofers improperly flash around skylights without any knowledge of the problems that they were actually creating.

I would like to point something out here, construction shortcuts might not create big problems to you, if they're in somebody else's home, but these are still problems that someone needs to deal with. This seems to be the attitude of some people who work in the construction industry. If it's not my house, why worry about it.

I'm here to send those people a message. Your construction shortcuts create big problems for homeowners that really do care about their property. The difficulties that you created are now going to be someone else's worst nightmare. If you would've taken a little more time, these problems might not have ever happened.

The next time that you are soldering a copper pipe, connecting an electrical wire, painting a wood post, connecting a structural framing member, installing a doorbell, insulating behind a window frame, installing roof shingles, hooking up an irrigation system, building a bookshelf or anything else that you could possibly think of that could create a problem for someone in the future. Make sure that you do it right and don't take any shortcuts.

We always hear that time is money, and I'm here to tell you that it's more than just that. It's not always about the money, it's about taking pride in the work that you do on a regular basis. The next time that you're thinking about taking a shortcut, think twice about the future problems that this might create.

Good a home building and construction practices start with the people doing a good job.