The Best Money Ever Spent - Construction Business Secrets Revealed

A contractor shared something with me a long time ago and I would like to share it with you today. Taking someone out to lunch, could be the best money you ever spent and I'm about to tell you why.

The general contractor that I'm talking about taught me a lot of things about the construction business and even personal relationships. One of the things that he taught me was the advantage of spending time with people that you like and want to do business with on a regular basis.

He said,” If you're serious about working in the construction business, you're going to need to develop relationships. And one of the best ways to enhance the relationships that you've already started is to take someone out to lunch.” I was already the kind of person who would pick up the tab for my family and friends, but never thought about taking someone out to lunch.

I was taught something a little different, if you bought someone lunch, it was almost like you were trying to bribe them. The only reason why you were going to buy someone lunch, was because you wanted something from them and this didn't make much sense in business. I never wanted to give someone the wrong idea, so I never invited them out to lunch.

You're still probably wondering where I'm going with us. Here's the key to taking someone out to lunch, you will have their undivided attention without interruptions. You will be able to spend some one-on-one quality time developing better relations with these individuals.

I'm not suggesting that your cell phones won't ring or that you won't be bothered at all, but for the most part you should focus on having a pleasant experience as you start to create a better relationship with someone that you're interested in doing business with.

A nice lunch for two people might cost you around $40, but most of the time, you're going to find this investment to be well worth it. Especially if this person becomes a valued friend, instead of just someone that you do business with.