Construction Partnerships That Don't Work

I was taking my daughter to a Girl Scouts event and needed to pick up two other fathers and their daughters. By the time I was done with the baseball game that we went to, I never wanted to see either one of these fathers again. Each one of them wanted to be my partner, but didn't have anything to offer.

They were telling me about all of the benefits that construction partnerships had, like I did know anything about construction or business partnerships. I knew that partnerships didn't work well if one of the partners wasn't carrying their fair share of the load.

One of the fathers was unemployed and the other father was a salesman, who sold products to our local supermarkets. This guy was truly unbelievable and unscrupulous. He was telling me about all the money we could make working together, using my money and my business.

I didn't want to have a bad time, so I let them talk and pretended like I was interested for quite some time. That's all we talked about on our way to the baseball game, at dinner, at the baseball game itself and on the way home. I couldn't believe what I was listening to, but neither one of them had anything of value to offer me, except for advice that I have already heard before.

Before I dropped the first father off, I told him that I wouldn't be interested in his proposal. He was extremely upset, but got a little bit of joy from the fact that I told the second father that I wasn't interested in his proposal either.

The second father didn't take it as well as the first one. He started telling me about how much money I was going to lose and how stupid he thought I was. I suggested that he got his own contractor's license and prove me wrong.

Don't get caught up in the manipulation from other people who are offering you something that they really don't have. Neither one of these men were interested in doing any work, but were extremely interested in taking advantage of me, with out doing much work themselves. Sometimes these situations work, but most the time they don't.

Live your own dreams and don't let overly aggressive personalities put you off course.