How To Deal With Construction Know It Alls

If I was to ask you, do you know someone who knows everything about the construction business, but realistically doesn't know much? This type of person likes to get in your face and tell you what you're doing wrong, even though they know very little about home building. How can we deal with the construction know it all?

People that have high self-esteem aren't going to have a problem with this type of person and understand where they're coming from. People who suffer from ego reductionism and feel threatened by construction know it alls, will often find themselves in combative situations, with these particular individuals.

The best way to deal with construction know it alls is to leave them alone. If you're working for someone who knows everything, but doesn't have a clue about what's going on, but continues to pay you on a regular basis without blaming you for everything, what are you worried about. Don't let your ego interfere with their egos.

The bottom line with this type of person is that they feel like they are being judged by everyone that looks at them. They need to make fun of people and make them feel stupid, so that they look smarter. I have worked for this type of person and worked with this type of person and I can tell you one thing. You're not going to change them.

I have been extremely mean to these know it alls and this only makes them fearful. I have been courteous and compassionate to them, only to find them stabbing me in the back. Unless your going to learn about psychology and the effects that these people have on society, I would suggest that you avoid being combative and simply understand that these people have low self-esteem.

Don't get caught up in their world.