Common Home Fire Hazards - Kitchen Appliances

Most of the stuff that you are about to read is common sense, however, accidents do happen. I would recommend that you read this article to anyone in your family and send it to anyone who you care about. Even if you think it's ridiculous, how would you feel if something happened to someone that you care about, after you read this article on home fire hazards? Always think safety.

One of the biggest fire hazards in your house will be in your kitchen, make sure that you turn all flame producing kitchen appliances off. I was just recently in a home and could smell gas, the homeowner had left the gas stove one, after boiling some water in the early morning and it had been running for at least four hours.

This kind of stuff happens more than you could ever possibly imagine, so pay attention and remember all of the common home fire hazards that you can. They could save your life, one day.

It seems like more people are using candles today than ever. Do not leave your candles lit overnight. Do not leave your candles unattended or in the presence of small children. Lit candles can fall over and depending upon what they fall over on to, could become a fire hazard. Here's another story for candle lovers.

I came home one day around four o'clock and the entire house was full of smoke, I opened up as many doors and windows as I could to let some fresh air in, at the same time I was trying to find out what was causing the problem. I soon found a bowl that was full of dried flower leaves, where a candle that was placed in the center and had somehow fallen off and started the fire.

You can consider both of these events lucky, but to lose everything that you have worked for, your entire life, isn't worth it, especially if the fire could have been prevented.

Sometimes applying common sense, won't save your life. However, educating yourself can drastically improve your chances of survival, especially when our homes are full of flammable objects.