Client Excuses For Contractors And My Solutions

I have heard almost every excuse that you could possibly think of, but every once in a while someone comes up with a new one that I've never heard before and I let them know what I think of them and their excuses.

One of the biggest problems when working for a property owners, contractors, real estate developers, general contractors or anyone else who hires you, is going to be money. How do you get paid for the work that you have already done?

I don't have any money right now and I will pay you as soon as I get my next draw from the bank, my ship comes in, I get a loan from a relative or what ever excuse that they can come up with. Explain to them that this is not your problem and they have two days to come up with the money, or else.

This usually doesn't have any effect on these types of people. They have been threatened by everyone and they themselves have heard every response to their excuses that you could imagine. There isn't very much that you can do if someone really doesn't plan on paying you your money, except taking them to court or arbitration.

There are however, a few things that you can do, before it's too late. Don't keep working for these people. If they miss a payment, stop work until you're paid. This will send them a clear message that you're not messing around and expect to be paid on time.

Don't let them use any excuses or make you feel guilty, because they haven't paid you. If you're done with your portion of the project and it's time to get paid, stop working until you have been.

If you're an honest person, dishonest people can take you to the cleaners. Some of these people are extremely gifted at the art of manipulating others, but keep one thing in mind. If you stop now and don't get paid for this portion of the project, you're going to be better off than waiting until your next pay period and now you're two payments behind.

Try to develop a strict payment plan and stick to it. Your company's survival depends on.