Can Home Selling Books Save You Money

I was talking to a friend of mine, who had just purchased a new home about two months ago and he was practically yelling at me as he was talking about all the problems that he had with his realtor and previous homeowner. He was so mad, he had forgot about the problems he had with the home inspection. My friend was usually a very easy going and calm individual but this had upset him and almost turned him into an irrational person.

As I was calming him down and trying to get to the core of the problem, it seem like he didn't have enough information about buying or selling homes. He was confused with all the paperwork that was involved during the entire process. His real estate salesperson had him sign a contract that wouldn't let him use another realtor for a specific period of time. He really didn't know what he was signing and according to him, it wasn't explained properly to him.

After a couple of weeks of shopping for a new home, he became irritated with the realtor and wanted to end the relationship. Think again, said the realtor as he explained to my friend that they had a binding contract and his current realtor would get a percentage of the transaction, no matter what for that specific period of time. Was my friend mad, he was practically foaming at the mouth as he was telling me about the real estate professional.

It didn't stop here and they don't want to go into a long story about the real estate transaction from purgatory. My friends pain had come from the fact, that he had purchased a home 15 years ago and it was a smooth transaction and he was under the impression that buying and selling homes was a simple process.

I handed my friend a book called "The Consumer's Guide to Home Buying" and asked him if this book would have been helpful, before he started shopping for a home. I was curious because I build websites and do a lot are writing on the Internet. I told him to take the book home and I would get back with him, in a few weeks.

He contacted me the next day and couldn't believe the information he gained, just by scanning through the book in a few hours. He started to get mad at me for not giving him this book, before all the home buying problems occurred. I informed him quite simply that he had never even told me, he was looking for a home.

Can home selling books save you money, you bet they can.