Building Your Own Home With Books

Most of us only dream of building your own home and living in it for the rest of our lives, well maybe not for the rest of our lives. My grandfather built his home when my father was nine years old and lived in it until he died. As a Carpenter and general contractor, I have always wanted to build my own home but never got the chance.

For anyone interested in building the home of your dreams, I found a few books on home building that seemed to be pretty helpful. I have been remodeling, building room additions, worked on track house framing for years and have done more home repairs than you could possibly imagine. I have found some of these books to be very resourceful and helpful, when it comes to solving some of the problems I run into.

When it comes to building the foundation, it's not just about pouring a concrete slab or footings. You need to run electrical conduit, plumbing supply and waste pipes, make sure the building foundation is square and level, and if you forget one thing, just one thing, you could find yourself in a world of hurt. I have worked on homes where the builder forgot to install electrical conduit and plumbing for a kitchen island. The contractor needed to saw cut the foundation and repair at it, during the home construction. This cost the building contractor around $4600.

Sometimes a checklist makes sense but where you get a checklist for building homes. Well maybe one day, I will try to make one. These home building books have been valuable resources to me for many years and have saved me grief and agony over simple things that often get overlooked.

It's a little overwhelming to even think about building your own home, if you don't have some construction skills. Construction knowledge can be gained through on-the-job training and by reading construction manuals. The best of both worlds would be to have both of these skills.

Construction knowledge can be gained or improved, over time with experience, combined with a couple of great books.