Building Inspector Pulls A Fast One - Room Additions

It doesn't really matter, whether you're building a new house, remodeling an old one or putting a room addition on, building inspectors can create problems for you, especially if you're trying to do the best job possible.

I was building a room addition near my house, when I had just finished forming the room additions foundation. It was now time to call the building department to schedule an inspection. The inspection was scheduled for the next day and I had everything installed correctly, like usual. I rarely had problems getting my inspections past the first time.

The inspector arrived around 10 o'clock in the morning and he didn't look like he was in a very good mood. This never seemed to bother me, because every building inspector that I dealt with, had a different personality and I never knew how they were going to react to mine. I always like kidding around and this usually creates problems for inspectors that are serious about their job.

The building inspector spent about 45 minutes looking at the project and this was unusual, because it was probably about a 10 minute inspection. I knew that I was in trouble, because I had installed everything correctly and this particular building inspector wanted to find something wrong, so that he could fail the inspection.

He kept asking me questions and I kept answering his questions and I could tell that it was irritating him, that I was effortlessly answering them. Even though he couldn't find anything wrong, he told me that I might have problems with my soil and was going to need a soil's report, before I could pour the concrete.

I told him that the city building department didn't require a soil's report for this particular area and the size of the room addition. This didn't seem to matter to him, because I had somehow rubbed him the wrong way and he was going to see to it, that I didn't pour that concrete slab until I had a soil's report.

I went down to the city building department and they told me that the building inspector could actually request a soil's report and I was going to need one, before I could pour my concrete.

These are the kinds of problems that contractors and developers run into on a regular basis, with city building departments and their inspectors. This contractor pulled a fast one on me and it cost me quite a bit of money and time.

I'm sharing this story with you, so that you know what to expect, sometimes while you're remodeling or constructing a home. Even if you have everything built correctly, a building inspector that isn't in a good mood or as having other problems, can make your life miserable.