Big Snakes Can Eat Small Pets

It was probably around 15 years ago when I heard this story and I couldn't believe it. There were pets disappearing in one particular neighborhood and no one knew what was causing their pets to vanish into thin air.

Some neighbors were starting to call this particular neighborhood the Bermuda triangle of their area. As more pets disappeared, local animal enforcement control officials started to worry. What in the world was creating this problem and how could it be solved?

The animal control officials recognized that the only animals that were disappearing were small. They weren't losing any large dogs in the neighborhood. Most of the pets were cats and small dogs.

Well believe it or not, a woman called the animal control and said that she thought something large was living underneath her home, because she could hear it moving regularly. The animal control people responded shortly, only to find a large boa constrictor living underneath her home.

It's hard to imagine, how something this big would have gotten away from their owner and crawled underneath her home, but stuff like this happens and it wouldn't be a bad idea, if you knew who to contact and how to handle something like this. Calling the animal control services or your local police department, would be a great way to handle a situation like this.

The snake was removed and the neighborhood pet population started to rise. If you have problems with pets disappearing in your neighborhood, you could have a similar situation on your hands.