Big Problems With Exterior House Coating Warranties

There was a company who guaranteed that their product would last for the lifetime of your home. I will not name the product manufacturer, but this company is not what I would consider to be 100% legitimate and gave many of their customers a false illusion of their warranty.

I recently worked on a house where this company painted the woods fascia board and a couple of the exterior beams. The homeowner contacted me to do the repairs and explained that the company was only responsible for the product, not the installation of the product.

In other words, the lifetime guarantee was only for the paint that was applied to the fascia board and wood beam, it wasn't good for the labor that it would take to reapply another coat of paint to protect the house. I don't really know how many homeowners would actually consider this to be an excellent home warranty.

If you're thinking about having any exterior coatings applied to your home that have a limited or lifetime warranty attached to them, make sure that you find out as much information that you can about their warrantees, especially if you're planning on using their guarantees in the future.

If you're really concerned about the warranty, have the salesperson explain it to you in detail and if they don't understand the warranty or avoid answering your questions, it wouldn't be a bad idea to find another company or product.

Be careful whenever you hear the words lifetime or limited lifetime warranty. Sometimes it's just another way for someone to sell an inferior building product or a product that thoroughly hasn't been tested properly.