Beware Of Home Warranties

Home warranties to a licensed general contractor might not make as much sense as they would to someone who doesn't know anything about home repairs or home appliances. If I didn't know anything about these items and I had the right home warranty in front of me, I would probably sign on the dotted line.

Like any contracts, make sure that you read your home warranty from cover to cover. You should also understand everything that is written within it. If you don't understand the home warranty or have doubts about some being written within it, you should have the insurance company explain that particular item to you, until it makes sense.

You should understand what is covered in your home warranty and what isn't covered. Some home warranties cover plumbing repairs that are easily accessible, but don't cover any plumbing below the floor.

You should also understand average life spans of household appliances. Items that are used regularly like garbage disposals, dishwashers, wash machines, dryers and garage door openers might not last as long as heating and air-conditioning units that are only operated seasonally.

If you buy a brand-new house full of new appliances, plumbing and electrical that has been inspected by a qualified building inspector, a home warranty might not make as much sense as it would to someone living in an older home with older fixtures, that might be operating on their final days.

Home warranties like anything else, seem to make sense to some people, but don't make sense to others. If you can't unclog drains and toilets, but know how to paint, I would suggest that you look into a home warranty that might make sense to you.