The Best Home Inspection Checklist

I don't know how many home inspection checklists I've seen over the years, but most of them don't have the really important items on them. I just looked at one the other day that had a place to check off bathrooms. In other words, there was a small box to the left side of the word, bathrooms and if everything was okay in the bathrooms, you would check that box off. These are the kinds of home inspection checklists you need to avoid, but I can't tell you how many homeowners would use something like this.

That's not how it works with a good home inspection checklist. Let's get real here, in order to inspect a bathroom, you're going to inspect the pipes, fixtures, cabinets, toilets, tile, shower doors, bath enclosures, flooring, lights, walls, windows and even the door.

I did look in any book; those were all items that I found rattling around in my head. You can't just poke your head in the bathroom and check off the box next to the word bathrooms and then do the same thing in the kitchen. That's not how it usually works, if you really want a good home inspection.

The best home inspection checklist should have items like the ones listed above under the bathrooms section, on a separate page specifically for bathroom inspecting. You're going to need an itemized list of individual parts and sections of the home to inspect.

There’s a lot more to a good home inspection checklist than most people ever think about. I use a good home inspection checklist to inspect my home annually and I recommend that you should do this also. Most of the time, you can't find a good home inspection checklists on the Internet, that you won't have to pay for. Even if you had to pay over $100 for one of these checklists, it would be worth it.