The Best Carpenter I Ever Knew

My dad could build anything. I watched him build a room addition on our house when I was a child, build furniture in the garage and even built his own campers for his truck. My dad is truly the best carpenter that I ever knew and remains so to this day.

I first started working for my dad when I was 16 years old and on summer vacation from high school. He told me that he would give me five dollars an hour and I got to work with my dad; I couldn't pass that up for anything.

My dad might not have been the best electrician or plumber, but he could do almost anything else with ease and efficiency. My father's main job was to build all of the stairs for the four different construction companies that he worked for.

We would precut all of the stair components and then assemble them separately at each home, condominium or apartment. At first I was easily impressed, but soon this got to be standard practice as I watched my dad construct and build things that other carpenters seem to have problems building.

Every once in a while, an architect or engineer would come up with a set of stairs that seemed impossible to build, but my dad built it and he built other things that I honestly thought couldn't be built.

I will never forget the lessons that my father taught me, as a carpenter and as a person, but I truly believe that the greatest lesson that my father ever taught me, was that anything could be done, with enough persistence and patience.