Benefits of Writing Articles

If you don't understand the benefits of writing articles, let me explain it to you. It's not actually all about writing the articles, it's more about placing links to your website on other peoples blogs, directories or websites.

Here's an example of what I'm talking about, you write one article on, Stairway Construction and Repairs and then you ask that it be placed in the article directory on our website. We review your article and it qualifies to be placed in,” Stair Builders Article Directory.

We allow you to have two links if you're a gold member and one link if you're a premium member. If you're a gold member, one of the links from your article, will link to your gold member webpage on the Stair Builder Directory website and the other link can go to your company website or another stair building related website.

If you're a premium member, we allow your link to go to your company website. This provides your company with valuable links from valuable websites, in the hopes of increasing your search engine ranking.

Once the link or links have been placed on our website, the next search engines spider that comes by, will usually go to your website and start scanning it for valuable information. The more links that you have on our site or other websites, the more value the search engines will place on your company website.

Get as many links as you possibly can pointing directly to your website and watch your website work its way to the top of the major search engine directories.