Benefits Of Fog Coating Your Home Exterior

Most people don't even know that you can fog coat a home that has a stucco exterior. The advantages of fog coating versus painting, can be astronomical in certain situations. Once you paint the stucco, you have sealed this cement-based product and you could be in for some big problems in the future. Stucco needs to breathe and once you paint, it can trap large amounts of moisture, in the stucco itself.

Let me explain what fog coating actually is. It's a cement-based material that mixes with water and is applied with a mechanical sprayer. It's definitely not hard to mix and even easier to apply. Why don't more people use this product? I really don't know and didn't really know about the product, even though I have been involved in the remodeling industry, until 15 years ago.

Get this, my grandparents had been fog coating their house for years and I never even knew about the product. Now with that said, where do you get the fog coat materials from? They're definitely not at the paint stores. Well, you can simply type the word fog coat into any search engine and you'll probably find a local fog coat distributor.

There are two rental yards around my neighborhood that sell this product. Again, this product is easier to apply than paint and is probably more environmentally friendly. There is no need to clean any paintbrushes or roller trays, constantly. Think about the large amounts of water that are used and wasted, cleaning these products.

There is no need to use large commercial sprayers, that constantly overspray paint into the atmosphere. The number one benefit, for using fog coating materials, versus painting, is that it's much easier to apply and can be touched up easily.

I recommend using fog coat materials, especially if you have a stucco house. I really can't guarantee, which product will outlast the other, but I would imagine the location of your house, would play an important role in which product would actually outlast the other. In other words if you live in extremely dry or damp climates, this could affect either product in different ways.