Benefits Of Correctly Marking Electrical Breakers

As a remodeling contractor and homeowner, I can't tell you how frustrated it often is to open up an electrical main panel box, only to find out that most of the breakers, don't shut off the electricity to the areas that they are marked next to on the electrical panel.

Here's my biggest complaint with poorly marked electrical panels. Nobody ever seems to correct the mistakes. I myself have been found guilty of this practice and it continues to create problems, even at my own house.

So here's something to think about. How much time do you think it would actually take for you to individually shut off every single breaker on your electrical panel and find out which outlets they actually turn off and then correct the problem? A couple of hours maybe, a half hour, even if it took you four hours, think about the frustration and headaches that it will save you in the future.

Plus it will familiarize you with the electrical panel. You will now know or have a pretty good idea of which breakers go to which outlets, if you ever need to fix or repair anything in your home.

Another problem with poorly marked electrical panels, is that I have actually seen people turn off the electrical breakers, and is so that the electricity was turned off in those areas, only to get shocked or electrocuted as they were working on the electrical fixtures.

Don't assume anything, when it comes to electricity, especially when it comes to a poorly marked electrical panel box.