Before You Pour Your Concrete Checklist

Okay, you've got the foundation ready for concrete and it's ready to pour. Is there anything else that you need to know or have you forgotten to install anything. Go over this checklist, before you pour your concrete and it could save you a lot of frustration. Keep one thing in mind here, you only get one shot at this. Once the concrete is dry, it will require a jackhammer's, concrete saws and a lot of muscle to make any repairs.

1. The first thing that you're going to want to do before you pour is to make sure that you have called your local building inspector, if this is required.

2. Make sure that you have ordered the right concrete. If you're pouring a foundation to a house, it might require a specific mix. Some homes require 2500 psi, while others require a 4500 psi concrete to be poured. Don't mess this one up.

3. Do you have all the tools that are necessary to complete whatever project you're pouring. Make sure that you have plenty of wood to screed the concrete slab and all of your finishing tools on the job site, before you pour the concrete.

4. Make sure that you have a bucket and a water hose, with a controllable sprayer at the end of it. This can come in handy as you're cleaning your tools and as the concrete is drying.

5. Make sure that you have plenty of help or you could find yourself working like a mad dog as the concrete starts to dry faster than you thought it would.

These are just some simple things, that some people forget about and it wouldn't hurt to print this checklist now and carry it with you, from job to job. Experienced superintendents and contractors use checklists to save them time and frustration.