Think Twice Before Hiring A Contractor With The Biggest Ad In Yellow Pages

When I first started contracting I was only 25 years old. That's right, I have served my four years as a journeyman carpenter and got my contractors license at an early age. The only problem was, I needed to advertise and the only way to advertise back then, was in the Yellow Pages.

There are more ways to advertise now than there were back in 1986 and it's sad to say, but the Yellow Pages seems like it will soon be part of our history. I don't know how much money it cost today to run a quarter page ad in the Yellow Pages, but back then it was $900 each year and I couldn't afford it.

I have been a contractor for over 20 years now and have used different forms of advertisements to find new customers. I understand construction marketing and would like to share something with anyone that's interested. Yellow page ads cost money and these costs get passed on to the customers.

If you're going to hire the contractor who has the biggest ad in the Yellow Pages and pays over $2000 a year, so that you could find him, you can plan on helping him pay his advertising expenses. In other words, the contractor will charge each one of his customers a certain amount of money, so that he can continue to advertise and stay in business.

I'm not saying that you need to hire a contractor who has the smallest ad, but you should probably think twice before hiring a contractor who has the biggest ad in the Yellow Pages. Understanding how contractors operate their business, to actually stay in business, can help you make better decisions when hiring them. I hope this article helps you, when you need to select a contractor to work on your house or building.