Think Twice Before Hiring Your Friends

Since I've been working in the building industry for over three decades, I have ran into almost everything you could possibly ever imagine, but every once in awhile, I run into something that hasn't ever happened to me before.

What I'm about to tell you, has happened to me more than once and I'm sure that it's going to happen to me again. It involves hiring your friends, to remodel your home.

Here's the problem that I run into. Someone calls me up to give them an estimate for a patio, I go to their house get all the measurements, take all the pictures I need and go home and within a short period of time, I can give them a written proposal with a price attached to it, to complete the job.

They give my proposal to another contractor or friend of theirs and their friend can usually do it cheaper. Cheaper doesn't necessarily mean better, and if you don't really know these people very good, you could end up with an inferior product or paying more than my original price, to get them motivated, to finish the project.

I would like you to think twice, before hiring your friends, to do any construction work on your property. If they aren't licensed contractors, there isn't a whole lot that the Department of consumer affairs will be able to do to these individuals.

If you have friends, that are experienced licensed contractors, why wouldn't you hire them, I would. I have seen plenty of friendships ruined and I rarely work for my friends and even have problems working for people at my wife's company.