Before Building Your New Garage

Let me tell you a little story about a man who was going to build a new garage on his property, but this isn't like most fairytales, this doesn't have a good ending.

One of the most important things that you need to remember, before building your new garage is to check your property line easements and this can be done through your local planning department. These are the minimum distances that your garage can be placed from your property lines.

This has happened to more than one person who was planning on building a new garage. The guy called up his local contractor and ask how much it would cost to build a three car garage with electricity in the bathroom. The contractor gave him a rough estimate and told him that he needed to get plans drawn up by a professional home designer or architect and then he could give the owner an exact estimate for his new garage.

After the homeowner had a nice set of plans drawn up by a home designer, not an architect. He gave the plans to the contractor who was also lacking enough experience to know that there could be problems lurking in the dark. The contractor spent about 15 hours estimating the garage and the homeowner spent $2700 on the building plans, only to find out that there were going to be problems with the Planning Department.

When the homeowner took the plans to the planning Department, they informed him that the new garage could not be built on his property, because of local zoning and planning codes. The homeowner argued and explained to the Planning Department, about how much money he had already spent on the project.

The planning department sympathized with the homeowner, but this wasn't the first time that this had happened. Before you build your garage, check with your local planning department before spending any money on plans or other items that you would like to see in your new garage.