Be Extremely Careful When Walking In Your Attic

For anyone who doesn't have an idea about basic home construction, you could find yourself easily stepping through the ceiling in your attic, if you place your feet in the wrong spot.

I was working on a job one time and we needed to finish it in three days. It was Thanksgiving weekend and this job needed to be done Monday morning. The guy that I was working for had hired another person to help us and neither one of us wanted him walking around in the attic.

All I can remember, is the guy that I was working for, telling the guy that was helping us,” Whatever you do, don't step through the ceiling.” Seriously, I must've heard him tell the other guy this about 25 times. He told the other guy that he didn't even want him walking into attic at all.

The contractor that I was working for needed to go pick up some materials and even told me to make sure that our helper didn't go into the attic for any reason. I told him that I was tired of him talking about this and he had already wasted enough valuable time repeating himself over and over again.

The contractor left a little upset and obviously worried, but by the time he came back, he definitely had something to worry about. While I was working on one section of the building, I heard a loud noise and could only imagine what it actually was. I didn't even want to go over there and look, because I knew how mad the contractor that I was working for would be, when he came back to the job.

I ran into the bathroom and noticed two legs poking through the ceiling as our helper was moaning and groaning. I ran to get a ladder and help him back up through the ceiling and eventually got him safely back to the ground.

I don't need to tell you how mad the contractor was by the time he got back to the job, but I felt that I needed to share this story with anyone who plans on walking in their attic and doesn't understand that they can't stand on the ceiling drywall or plaster.

You can only walk on the framing supports or catwalks that run through your attic and you will even need to be careful walking on some of them. If any of these boards are cracked or damaged, you could find yourself damaging your attic ceiling.

Remember safety first, you should always be extremely careful when ever you walking in your attic.