Bathroom Windows For Privacy

If your bathroom window is located in plain view from the neighbors yard, the front of the house or another one of your neighbors windows. There are quite a few things you can do to create some privacy. You can always hang curtains and these curtains of course come in all different shapes and sizes. You can use a light cloth curtain that will block out the peeping toms but allow natural lighting into your bathroom.

Most bathrooms have opaque or frosted glass to allow natural lighting and to create some privacy. The most important role of a window is to provide natural lighting and ventilation. At the same time most people enjoy their privacy in the bathroom and do not want to be seen undressed or on the toilet.

If your bathroom is using clear glass windows, this could be a problem if someone was in viewing distance of your bathroom. It's not uncommon to have neighbors with binoculars or telescopes anymore. Some of these people get a little carried away with their neighbors.

If you are the kind of person who doesn't mind people staring at you while you are undressed, these unobstructed windows might work out pretty good for you. The problem is that most people enjoy their privacy, especially in the bathroom while bathing and relaxing.

Your standard size 5' x 8' bathroom, will normally have one window located over the bathtub surround. This window is normally less than 2 foot in height and 4 foot and width. These windows usually give you plenty of privacy, whether they're clear, obscure, opaque or frosted glass. They're usually located too high for someone standing outside to look into and if there is a two-story home next door with windows facing your bathroom, it's usually hard to see anything inside of your bathroom.

If you're replacing your windows in the bathroom, consider replacing them with glass that will give you some privacy if needed. You can always replace your existing windows with privacy glass if necessary, simply contact a local glass repair company and explain your situation to them.

Most people do not desire to be seen on the toilet or undressed in the bathrooms and if this is a problem because you have clear glass windows or a nosy neighbor, you now have the information to help you solve your problem