Simple Bathroom Remodeling Solutions For Contractors

Here's a list of problems that contractors run into when designing, planning, and remodeling bathrooms. These bathroom remodeling solutions listed below, often create problems for homeowners as well as contractors. Some of these problems have created contract disputes and could have been solved if the contractor or a homeowner was informed properly.

1. Problems with Old Galvanized Water Pipes: This is one of the biggest problems with older homes. Metal rusts and water running through these metal pipes will speed this process up, considerably. The problem arises when the galvanized water supply pipes cannot be taken apart or unthreaded, to add new plumbing fixtures or pipes, during the bathroom remodel.

Solution to the Problem: Experienced contractors should inform their clients, about problems like this and what they propose to do, if they run into a situation where the galvanized water pipes are badly damaged. There will usually be extra work, which leads to extra money and this could create a problem between the contractor and a homeowner.

2. Problems with cast-iron drainpipes: these pipes often rust or become separated at the joints, creating water leaks and even areas for tree roots to enter the drainage system. These tree roots of course will cause the drainpipes to clog and eventually will have to be cleared in order for the drainage system to work properly.

Solution to the problem: informed the home owner of problems with cast-iron plumbing. If the contractor explains to the homeowner, any problems that could arise and a solution, you will find the process of bathroom remodeling a little less stressful. This stress can be eliminated or the contractor and a homeowner with a little preparation.

If you're a remodeling contractor, it wouldn't be a bad idea to make out a list of potential problems for the homeowner. List as many of the problems as you can think of, that you have ran into in the past or have heard other contractors and homeowners talking about. These lists can be given to your clients when you sign the contract.