Ask Your Bathroom Remodeling Contractor

Usually when I go to someone's home to give them a bathroom remodeling estimate, I provide them with most of the questions and answers, that they're ever going to need. This is how I do business, but some contractors don't do business this way. Therefore, it's up to you, the homeowner to ask your bathroom remodeling contractor the right questions.

1. How long is the job going to take, before it's completed?

2. Is my job going to be a priority for your Construction Company or are you doing more work right now than you can handle?

3. Are you going to be here every day and if not, who will be overseeing the job? Make sure that you meet and get along with the person who's going to be in charge and working on your home every day, until the projects completed.

4. Do you have a payment plan and does your bathroom remodeling estimate have every item in it, so that I can compare it to the other contractor’s estimates?

5. Do you guarantee your work and if so for how many years? Make sure that you understand what your contractor is and isn't guaranteeing. I don't guarantee any products or building materials, simply because I don't make them. As a bathroom remodeling contractor, it's my job to assemble these products, not to guarantee them.

6. How do we handle any problems while the work is in progress or after the project is completed?

7. Will you be working on my project every day until it's completed? This can become a big problem for contractors who are taking on more work than they can handle.

8. Can you provide me with a copy of your liability insurance? And workers compensation insurance, if they have employees?

There are plenty of other questions you can ask your bathroom remodeling contractor about your project. Make sure that you create a list of questions and concerns and go over them with your bathroom remodeling contractor. If you're serious about hiring a good contractor and you really don't want to have a lot of problems while working on your project, you should solve as many of the problems as you can, before the job starts.