Bathroom Remodeling Contractors Take Pictures And You Should To

If you are remodeling contractor and you don't have a digital camera, you had better make sure that you read the rest of this article. Almost every bathroom remodeling contractor today has a digital camera and takes pictures of all of their projects.

Most bathroom remodeling contractors don't just take pictures of before they started the job and after the job is complete, a lot of these professionals, including myself take pictures up every single thing that I could possibly think of and let me tell you why.

It's called CYB or cover your bottom, God forbid, that you would ever have a problem after the bathroom is completed, but if you did, these pictures would be an extremely valuable resource, especially if there were going to be legal problems.

You've probably heard the old saying,” That a picture is worth a thousand words,” but it's true. If you're having a problem with a water leak that's behind the wall and you have pictures of the exact location of any connections that you made with the bathroom plumbing, you wouldn't need to cut more than a couple of holes in the wall. This beats trying to locate your plumbing connections by memory as you destroy half of the bathroom.

Now that you understand why bathroom remodeling contractors take plenty of pictures, while they're working on your project, it's time for you to cover your bottom and start taking pictures so that you can create your own record, in case there are any problems in the future.

I'm not talking about pictures that need to be developed at your local Kodak photo center, I'm talking about digital pictures that can be easily installed or uploaded onto your computer.