Bathroom Remodeling Costs

Where do we start with bathroom remodeling costs, the bathroom is the most expensive room in the house. Completely remodeling your bathroom can start at around $4,000 and can go well into the $100,000 price range. You're probably thinking who would spend $100,000 on a bathroom a remodel, you'd be surprised at what involved in designing and building a custom bathroom.

You can always save money remodeling the bathroom yourself and this money can be used to keep costs down or allow you to spend more money on elaborate bathroom fixtures. Either way how do we get an idea what it's going to cost to remodel our bathroom.

A simple small bathroom remodel, where they leave the bathtub and reuse the existing toilet but you install a new tub surround, sink, cabinet, flooring and new paint could be relatively inexpensive, let's say around $4000. You could keep the costs down by doing some of the labor yourself and hiring professionals only when there's something you can't do.

Let's start with the most expensive parts of the bathroom remodel. The labor, if you need to hire a contractor, this will usually be the largest expense in the bathroom remodel. Some contractors charge over $75 an hour for specialized work, like tile setting and plumbing. I have seen contractors get over $125 an hour for custom or specialized bathroom remodeling work.

The next bathroom remodeling costs would be the materials necessary for the project. Bathtubs range from $100 to over $10,000. Building a shower with tile could cost anywhere from $4000 to over $25,000. Demolition for small bathrooms could be anywhere from $500 to over $5,000. Bathroom demolition can become expensive if there is a mold or asbestos issues. You can add to the demolition expenses if plumbing pipes will need to be moved in concrete floor slabs.

A good rule of thumb for figuring your bathroom remodeling costs would be to find all the fixtures, you're going to use for your bathroom remodel. This would include, bathtub, shower, tile, flooring, bathtub and shower faucets, sinks, sink faucet, medicine cabinet, mirror, towel bar, toilet and anything else you could possibly think of and adding these numbers together for a grand total.

As a general rule of thumb for figuring the labor, you can simply double the cost of the building materials and this would give you an idea, what your bathroom remodeling project will cost. Your labor costs will depend on what is actually involved with the project. This just gives you a general idea but is not an accurate idea for your bathroom remodeling labor.

Figuring out the bathroom labor is hard to do and I would suggest you contact a bathroom remodeling contractor for an exact estimate.