Bathroom Contractor Safety

This article isn't about contractors using the bathrooms safely, it's about contractors working on someone's house, remodeling a bathroom. When working on any part of the home, a contractor and his workers should think and work safely on any project, but working in a bathroom with more than one person can become a contractors safety nightmare.

I was working in a kitchen one time, with 11 workers. I finally couldn't take it anymore and left the job. This did not make the general contractor very happy but it saved me from getting into a fight with one of the other workers. Whenever you're working in a confined area like a kitchen, bathroom, crawlspace or attic, safety is going to be a priority and should not be overlooked, because someone else wants to get the job done two days sooner.

Most accidents happen working in confined areas because of poor time management or someone else is in a hurry. Whenever you start to speed the destruction or assembling of any part in the house, you're increasing the risk of an accident. Most accidents happen from people in a hurry or poor planning.

As a bathroom contractor or remodeling bathroom contractor, you should plan properly and only use the minimum amount of people necessary to work in confined areas. If you are tiling the bath tub surround, one to two people is more than enough. If you're tearing the bathroom apart, during the demolition process, a maximum of three people should be used. During the demolition process, make sure your workers are thinking safely and clearly. Ripping a large piece of plaster off of the wall, that has wall anchors in it could grab a hold of something like an electrical wire or plumbing pipe. This of course could cause damage to the home, as well as a risk of electrocution.

Use your head when working in the bathroom and you will greatly reduce the possibility of any accidents. Accidents can easily be prevented my working cautiously on anything.