Bad Roofing Contractors Create Problems

In the construction industry, there are good and bad contractors and the bad contractors seem to make life difficult for the good ones. Here's a story about a bad contractor who makes it hard for the good ones, while causing grief and stress to homeowners all over the country.

Bill the homeowner, calls a roof repair contractor to fix his roof and the roof repair contractor tells him that it will cost him over $3000 to repair the roof but will only cost him $4000 to install a new one.

Bill doesn't have the money and only wants the roof repaired. His roof is only 15 years old and the original roofer guaranteed him that the roof would last at least 25 years. He only has one leak over his living room and it just doesn't make sense to replace the roof that really isn't that old.

The roofing contractor convinces him to replace the roof but doesn't tell him exactly how he's going to do it. The roofing contractor signs the contract and within a few days the new roof shingles are here and within a couple of days after that the new roof was installed over the old one.

The roofing contractor wins either way. He might not make as much money installing a new roof, but the $3000 to repair the old one was outrageous. If the homeowner would have had the roof repaired, the roofing contractor would have made a small fortune.

I can't stress it enough, to make sure that you get at least three bids from reliable contractors and if you can't find any reliable contractors, I would suggest that you start asking around for reliable handyman or home repair people.

Don't let something like this happen to you or any of your friends. Contractors like these give good contractors bad names and it's really not fair to the honest and reliable contractors, simply trying to make a living in the construction business.