How To Avoid Hiring Bad Contractors

I was talking to someone that I used to work with and they were telling me a story about a contractor that did extremely poor work on one of their friend’s home. I was familiar with some of the contractors in the city that my friend was talking about and I ask him if he knew the contractors name.

He didn't offhand, but I told him, wouldn't it be funny if it was Larry Hopkins (fictitious name of course). We each started laughing and within a few days he couldn't wait to contact me. He called me and gave me the bad news, it actually was Larry Hopkins. This man had been involved in more lawsuits than anyone I have ever known and I couldn't believe that he was still in business.

Me and my friend each worked for Larry and he took advantage of us, like he took advantage of every one that he worked with and worked for. Even the job that I worked on, he under estimated and it cost them a small fortune. I thought that job would've put him out of business, but it didn't.

Eventually Larry's construction company will go out of business, if it hasn't already. This is one of the reasons why I write articles like this. Larry isn't a nice person and he isn't easy to get along with. He doesn't know much about construction but makes people believe that he does.

If you run into a contractor like Larry don't hire him. If a contractor can't answer all of your questions or you don't feel comfortable with them, don't bother dealing with them. There are other contractors out there that can answer all of your questions and aren't interested in taking advantage of you. They're interested in doing good work at reasonable rates.