Attic Fans Can Provide Great Benefits - Energy Savings

Everyone seems to be interested in saving money and as energy prices start to rise, it's going to be more important than ever, to figure out ways to save money and reduce home energy usage.

Attic fans can provide great benefits and often save money if they are installed properly. If you install the attic fan in the wrong spot, you might find yourself, adding to your energy usage instead of reducing it.

Make sure that you install your attic fans, towards the top of the attic on an exterior wall. If you're going to install your attic fan, directly in front of your existing gable vents or any other exterior attic vents, try to make sure that you're not blocking them off, for the times when your electrical powered fan isn't an operation.

Electrical fans, are going to need electricity to run them properly. I would recommend installing a light switch, that you can activate from the interior of the home. These electrical switches can save you even more money, because these fans won't shut off, until the temperatures in your attic, get well below the desired temperature setting on the attic fan.

Most of these attic fans, will turn on, when the attic temperature reaches 100° and won't shut off, until the temperature of your attic is below 100°. In other words, if you live in a hot climate, you could find these attic fans running all night and well into the early morning hours, while the inside temperature of your home is at a comfortable temperature.

With a switch hooked up to your attic fan, once the interior of your home becomes comfortable, you can simply turn the attic switch off and save yourself a couple of bucks. Common sense applications like these, if used by the masses, aren't going to be just saving money, but saving precious fossil fuels and creating less pollution. Great ideas like this, can inspire others to create better ideas in the future.