Architects And Home Design

Before you can become an architect, you've got to go to school for at least five years to receive a Bachelor of Architecture degree from a University. While that might not be too bad, now you have to serve at least three years as an apprentice to a licensed architect. I've seen some of these apprentices treated badly by their mentors. It's not always easy. After that you take a couple of tests, some of these test take up to five hours to complete.

Oh then you become an architect. Did I make it sound easier than it actually is, "Probably."

When an architect designs a home, there's obviously been a lot of thought put into it. Simply by the amount of schooling and apprenticeship service, this person has provided over the years. Good architects are in high demand and often demand top dollar for their services. This is the payoff for all the schooling and knowledge they have acquired over the years.

You might be surprised but most homes are drawn by draftsmen and apprentices that work for the architects. Not the actual architect himself. As a homeowner, you're allowed to draw building plans for your house. I bet you didn't even know that. The problem with this is that, you don't have the knowledge or training that the architects have. This might not sound like that big of a deal, but it is.

Architects understand the geometry involved in constructing a house and roof system, they understand ergonomics and design most homes to meet the needs of average size people. What does this mean? This means that the taller you are or the smaller you are, you're not going to be as comfortable around a bathroom sink as the average sized person.

The sizes of hallways, bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms and even garages are designed for you to function easily, in these areas. We often take this for granted unless something was built out of proportion. Have you ever went into a house with an extremely large door or window. These items are now out of proportion and seem strange to look at or operate.

As we walk through our homes, we open doors, ring doorbells, open and close drawers, look through windows and use our electric garage door openers with very little problems because an architect somewhere has designed the homes we live in for comfort and functionality.